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Our commitment to saving the planet

Duralar is committed to creating a sustainable future through its green policy focused on innovation and reducing environmental impact.

The company stands out for its initiative to replace chromium and other heavy metals with Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coatings, a move that not only complies with the European regulations for an eco-friendly industry but also improves product safety and performance.

This approach demonstrates that it is possible to combine high technology and environmental sustainability, with projects ranging from theory to industrial practice, as in the case of internal tubes liners that overcome considerable technological challenges.

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Cromozero Project

The collaboration with Beretta in the “Cromozero” initiative represents a further step towards the adoption of greener practices in a variety of industrial sectors.

Using advanced technologies to create DLC coatings that eliminate the use of harmful substances, Duralar not only highlights its commitment to the environment but also paves the way for new sustainable solutions.

This pioneering approach underlines Duralar’s commitment to finding a balance between technological progress and environmental protection, confirming its leading role in promoting a more responsible and sustainable industry.

The CROMOZERO project is co-funded by the life Programme of the European Union through the Grant Agreement LIFE20 ENV/IT/000494

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