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About us

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Duralar Italia was founded in 2018 as a European division of Duralar Technologies, with the notion of introducing a patented technological innovation in the field of vacuum coatings.

Company specialised in the coating of metal surfaces and in the construction of deposition systems with PVD and PECVD technologies. We work with the customer in order to create the best technological solution to obtain a tailor-made coating, using the best technologies at our disposal.

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Deposition systems

We design and develop customised deposition systems with PVD and PECVD techniques. We also provide assistance in fine-tuning the coatings.


Dual chamber DLC deposition system


Hybrid system for advanced coatings with PVD and PECVD processes.

InnerArmor® – CS-10

System for DLC coating of internal surfaces.

R&D for internal tubes

System for industrial coatings in production batches.

Products and coating service

Within our structure we develop specific coatings for our customers, to help them maximise their products: both to finish objects with an attractive design and to create coatings capable of satisfying advanced technical requirements.


PVD is the acronym for Physical Vapor Deposition and indicates the technology used for the deposition of thin metal films, on different types of substrates, for functional and aesthetic purposes.


PECVD is the acronym for Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition and is a chemical process of deposition of thin films, performed in vacuum systems with gaseous precursors.

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