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PVD deposition technology

PVD is the acronym for Physical Vapor Deposition and indicates the technology used to create decorative and technical coatings on different types of substrates. These are available in a wide range of colours, including gold, bronze, rose gold, black and chrome-like finishes. In addition to having an attractive aesthetic impact, the technical characteristics also provide additional protection suitable for multiple uses.

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Wide range of colours

Wide range of colours available to achieve the perfect design

Uniform coating

Also ideal for complex 3D shaped products

Green coating

Duralar technology respects the environment and the health of workers

Custom upholstery

We study bespoke coatings for each customer

Decorative coatings

Technology used for the deposition of thin metal films on different types of substrates. The process takes place inside vacuum chambers, where the metals to be deposited, such as zirconium, chromium and titanium, are evaporated. Examples of coatings obtained with PVD technology are:

  • TiN (Titanium Nitride)
  • TiCN (Titanium Carbonitride)
  • CrN (Chromium Nitride)
  • TiAlN (Titanium Aluminum Nitride)
  • ZrN (Zirconium Nitride)
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Systems for PVD treatments

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