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Emperion 3D Coating System

Emperion is an advanced dual chamber DLC deposition system capable of depositing coatings with unprecedented speed and thickness.

Using Duralar’s special patented PECVD process called DualArmor™, an extremely dense and intense plasma coats all internal, external and complex 3D surfaces with a high level of uniformity. Furthermore, the coating process times are reduced (with speeds of up to 0.5 µm per minute) and, at the same time, protective layers of high thickness are created.

Technical specifications

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Every single element represents the quality and avant-garde of the Emperion system.

Technical specifications

The entire Emperion system has been designed to maximise the most advanced technologies available, innovating the industry and improving results.

Key features

  • High deposition rate (up to 0.5µm/min)
  • High productivity thanks to the double chamber
  • Different types of DLC coatings
  • Uniform thicknesses even on complex geometries
  • Possibility of also performing plasma nitriding on the workpieces

Types of coatings

  • DLC with PECVD technology
  • Low temperature DLC
  • Plasma nitriding
  • Plasma nitriding + DLC

System size

  • Length 2794 mm
  • Width 2439 mm
  • Height 2185 mm

Maximum chamber size

  • Ø 250 mm x h 910 mm
  • High volume option: Ø 300 mm x h 1000 mm
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PECVD/DLC treatments

This type of system has been designed and manufactured specifically for the execution of the patented Duralar PECVD/DLC treatments through the Hollow Cathode Plasma Technology system.


Duralar’s uniqueness lies in the patented “Hollow Cathode Technology” system that allows faster deposition times and thicker coatings that can be applied to complex geometries. In particular, Duralar uses this technology for Carbon-based coatings called DLC.

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