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Customised systems

Duralar has all the know-how and means to provide the customer with a tailor-made deposition system, which includes both dimensional modifications of the deposition chambers (to maximise production capacity and process efficiency) and the installation of multiple sources and deposition technologies.

The customer is assisted from design to after-sales service and in the fine-tuning of the coatings.

Key features

  • Extreme flexibility for process development

Various possible configurations and accessories:

  • Planar or rotary magnetrons
  • Cathodic arc evaporation
  • Plasma Source (for PECVD processes)
  • Liquid precursor distribution system

Types of coatings

  • PVD Decorative
  • Technical / Functional PVD
  • PECVD processes (DLC, SiOx, etc.)
  • Hybrid Coatings (PVD + PECVD)
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PVD treatments

This type of system has been designed and manufactured specifically for the execution of PVD treatments.


PVD is the acronym for Physical Vapor Deposition and indicates the technology used to create decorative and technical coatings on different types of substrates. These are available in a wide range of colours, including gold, bronze, rose gold, black and chrome-like finishes. In addition to having an attractive aesthetic impact, the technical characteristics also provide additional protection suitable for multiple uses.

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