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InnerArmor® – CS10

The Duralar CS-10 system incorporates InnerArmor™ coating technology and uses a patented process for DLC deposition.

It is developed for internal surfaces even with very high length-to-diameter ratios (even 15:1). Thanks to its characteristic flexible design, the CS-10 is particularly suitable for coating of the interior of different types of pipes and similar objects. Its flexibility allows the system to be used for the research and development of innovative solutions and treatments.

Key features

  • Internal surface treatment
  • Patented plasma deposition process
  • High flexibility: it can handle pipes and similar objects with variable lengths and geometries
  • Safe and environmentally friendly application

Types of coatings

  • DLC with InnerArmor™ technology
  • Plasma nitriding

System size

  • Length 4000 mm
  • Width 1100 mm
  • Height 2100 mm

Maximum chamber size

  • Lmax approx. 3000 mm *

* In standard configuration
The maximum volume depends on the generator installed

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PECVD/DLC treatments

This type of system has been designed and manufactured specifically for the execution of the patented Duralar PECVD/DLC treatments through the Hollow Cathode Plasma Technology system.


Duralar’s uniqueness lies in the patented “Hollow Cathode Technology” system that allows faster deposition times and thicker coatings that can be applied to complex geometries. In particular, Duralar uses this technology for Carbon-based coatings called DLC.

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